My Asylumn

...But the story needs a mending and a better happy ending...

7 July 1987
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With hair of flame and eyes of emeralds, she walks with the confidence of a woman who knows what she wants and works for it. A woman who's independant of the world and the things around it. A woman of strength, a warrior. Her voice is lilting, like tinkling bells, and her movements are as graceful as the wind, with a power behind her that belongs to no one else. She is brash and abrasive, yet can be as gentle as the soft new snow. This vision before you is two girls in one: the light abiou, Amy, and the dark yami, Ruby.

As you can see, I love to write. And I write ALL the time. I write/roleplay as a demon (or demon/vampire, or human/vampire) named Ashina on my friends forum site (http://katavern.smfforfree.com). I also RP her when I play D&D with my friends at school. And I also RP her on the only online RPG that I am involved in, Gaia Online. I roleplay as Ashina in one of the forum RP's a friend has done, called "Sunrise Academy." Otherwise, I am on the site as Mikaila Hargreaves, who is a character in Kaori Yuki's manga "Godchild." In fact, she's so worked on, I'm writing a graphic novel with a friend using her in her original form.

I love anime and manga, probably manga a bit more because I love to read and they can put so much more controversial stuff into the manga and just wrap it in plastic than they can in the anime and put it on TV. My favorite animes/mangas, if listed, would be far too long. Speaking of reading, did I mention I love it? So many books, so very little time. I have books all throughout my room and I'm always trying to get more. A list would be far too long.

One of the other things I love is music, and combining my love of music with my favorite animes, cartoons, TV shows, etc leads to one of my other passions. I make fan videos for YouTube. My user name is TrickPink. This way, I can set a cute little video using my latest media obsession with my favorite song and see how many other people like it. My most popular video actually has over 63,000 hits and over 200 comments!

Speaking of combining things, another thing I combine is my latest media obsession, be it an anime, book, or TV show, and writing. This is called fanfiction. You take your favorite media thing, we'll say Buffy the Vampire Slayer in this case, and you take their characters and make your own story around them. So you think that Buffy and Angel suck as a couple and she'd be better off with Spike? Write about how they get together. Or what about killing off Xander because he annoys you? You could do that too. There's pretty much no limit. I write as LadyRuby on www.adultfanfiction.net (18+ please!) and with my friend Erica as the Wonder Twins on www.fanfiction.net.

I am also a self-proclaimed butterfly princess. I love butterflies, they are the prettiest animals. I have so much butterfly jewelry and accessories it's ridiculous and I even have a style of makeup that I do called the butterfly look. Most of the tattoos I want on my body are butterflies and I have butterflies hanging all over my walls and from my ceiling in my room. Kinda because I still believe in fairy tales.

I am heavily into the Goth culture. I think that goth chicks are the most beautiful and I wish I could look as good as some of them do (my favorite being a goth model on DeviantART (www.deviantart.com) called Countess Grotesque). However, I am not one to stick to one "stereotype." I am a changeling. I love looking like a gothic princess one day and a straight up hippie the next. I do my makeup in crazy and outrageous ways, I keep my hair as long as an anime characters (with boobs as big to match!) and I am addicted to shoe shopping.

I am also a fan of food and sleep. I eat more than most of my...bigger friends and am thoroughly convinced that I am a big girl stuck inside a skinny girl's body. I will also sleep insane amounts of time away if you let me.